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5560 : Sex Discrimination: Overview
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Memo 5560-4-4: Sex Discrimination - Overview TABLE OF CONTENTS

What is illegal sex discrimination?
Who is protected against sex discrimination?
May a company consider someone's sex when hiring, promoting, or firing?
When may a company treat male employees differently than female employees?
May a company have male only or female only jobs?
Do all male and female employees have a right to a workplace free of discrimination?
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Note: Religious organization advisory.1

Note: This Memo applies to all employees, whether exempt, non-exempt, full-time, part-time, temporary, new, or regular.2

Additional laws may apply to employers who have contracts with government agencies, or received funding from the state or federal governments. Government contractors and grant recipients should consult an employment lawyer about their additional duties.


Equal employment opportunity laws prohibit employment discrimination based on sex. For example, employers may not pay men and women different amounts for doing the same work. See Memo 5580 Requirements of Equal Pay for Equal Work. And, employers must provide a work environment that's free of sexual harassment and intimidation. See Memo 5900 Overview of Sexual Harassment.

        Note: Employers are also required to post a notice about sexual harassment and discrimination laws. See Memo 7100 Employer's Posting Requirements.

    Everyone Has a Right To Be Free of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
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